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sukanto Kuri
Jun 29, 2022
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Chinese traditional patterns have a long history of thousands of years. The patterns are not only drawn from a wide range of materials, various styles, and rich in changes, but also contain auspicious blessings, expressing people’s yearning for a better life. In recent years, with the return of people's ideology, traditional Chinese patterns have played an increasingly important role in the field of graphic design, providing a very rich creative element for graphic designers. This article first expounds the beauty of the form of Chinese traditional patterns, and then conducts a systematic study of its application in graphic design. It is hoped that the views and suggestions put forward can effectively promote the healthy development of my country's graphic design industry. Chinese traditional pattern; graphic design; application strategy Photo Manipulation Services In modern graphic design, one of the most indispensable elements is the pattern, because the expression of graphic design has diversified characteristics, and if you want to reflect your personality, you must integrate different patterns, and improve modern graphic design through patterns. The overall process, giving people a visual impact, to achieve the purpose and effect of modern graphic design. The use of traditional Chinese pattern elements in modern graphic design is conducive to the integration of Chinese culture and foreign culture, and then fully expresses the theme of the design, fully interprets the design information, and increases its beauty from the perspective of the appreciator. Based on this, this paper studies the application of Chinese traditional patterns in modern graphic design, which has certain practical significance. 1. The application of traditional Chinese patterns in graphic design (1) Retention and innovation of "shape" In order to use traditional Chinese patterns to improve the overall level of modern graphic design, designers must study and study Chinese traditional pattern culture carefully and carefully, and on this basis, consider how to integrate it into their own In the design and creation, the dual purpose of improving the aesthetic effect and enriching the cultural connotation is achieved. In the process of design, designers must first grasp the relationship between the two, not only can the traditional patterns cover up the light of modern design, but also keep the atmosphere and calmness of traditional patterns.

sukanto Kuri

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