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rumi akter
May 25, 2022
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By doing a survey before and after your campaign, you can analyze Industry Email List the difference. Yes, this way of research is expensive. But you also get something in return. Here you have the opportunity to ask people for their opinion and for feedback about their behaviour. And this input often has more value than the – not always watertight – figures about Industry Email List website behavior. In fact, you can fine-tune your campaign based on the survey results. For example, before-and-after research into the MONO campaign showed that the campaign has not Industry Email List ensured that more road users find it normal to take precautions to prevent you from being distracted by social media in traffic. The campaign has been able to increase the Industry Email List sense of responsibility among cyclists not to be involved with social media while participating in traffic. Overall, road users' sense of responsibility has remained the same between the pre- and Industry Email List post-measurement.** With this input, the campaign can be further improved. Also read: (How) does the communication profession actually work? 6. Model and convince If you, as a marketer, want to Industry Email List convince your manager to free up extra budget for your social campaign, a scientific model can provide the right substantiation. A model tells a story. With that story you can Industry Email List demonstrate: look, this is how we are going to change the behavior of our target group. Google's standard online marketing "see-think-do-care" model works great for a sales funnel, but it's not Industry Email List relevant for social campaigns. A model that lends itself better to social campaigns is Industry Email List Prochaska and DiClemente's 'Circle of Behavioral Change'† This model shows six different phases of change, such as 'contemplation', 'decision' and 'consolidation'. You can tailor your campaign to these phases and then present it well-substantiated to your management.
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