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Omar Faruk
Jun 29, 2022
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The following steps give you a glimpse into the various actions you can deploy to your own content project. For the purposes of this practical guide, here is some sample content on which my recommended extensions are based. Demo content example-vertical jump Here are some practical steps to consider and complete in this exercise: advertisement Continue reading below Update the content. We know that the content in question hasn't been updated for some time (several years) and that major search engines such as Google are prioritizing the latest and most reliable content. Simple updates include: Add new statistics. Includes fresh and relevant citations. The content is text only. Google is trying to ghost mannequin effect display content that applies to many users and their content settings. Ideally, if you can easily record your content, you'll want to add images and videos. Audio content has come back significantly over the last two years (examples of podcasts and audio downloads). In addition, recording audio files is easy, so add audio options to access your content on the move or via. Smartphones will be beneficial. The content looks light in terms of coverage depth and article length (word count). There are two things I do to decide how to deal with this. First, check if your site has other similar content that may help you combine this content with. To do this using GA, narrow down your Google Analytics search to include the word "robots". You can see that there is one other page, but if you look at the URL, you can see that it has nothing to do with this task, so combining the content is not a good option in this case. So my next decision is to decide if there is still demand for the content – ​​so I can check this in several ways. For example, enter something close to the topic, such as "Write for people, not robots," to Google to see how many pages are competing. Another option is to check Google Trends or check the Google Keyword Planner. In this case, if you look at Google Trends, you'll see that people are still actively searching for topics such as "Write for People" on Google UK. Google Trends Demo Google prefers well-structured pages with logical content flows and clear user engagement signals.

Omar Faruk

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