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Our Vision, Our Mission, Our Calling

Our mission at Sound Church and Ministries is to be compassionate, inclusive and to walk with Jesus. Through gospel, service, worship and missions, we bring God closer to our hearts and closer to the hearts of those around us. As a fellowship of believers and blended families, we want to help develop your "sound" through proclaiming the glory of Christ to one another in a loving and caring setting.

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Lead Pastor

Jonathan "JD" Carmichael

Greetings in the Precious Name of Jesus Christ. I am excited and joyous about the Sound Church. It is my prayer that we all can develop our sound together as one body in Christ. It's the will of God for us to serve the community, our youth, our families and our enemies. Come join us as we bring a sound to your life and that sound is Christ Jesus our Lord.


Sound Church and Ministries

Everyone Belongs

Since 2015, Sound Church and Ministries is a place for people to come and develop (purpose) their sound. Here in the Asheville,NC-area we come together and worship as part of a strong, loving community with like-minded congregants. We’re always happy to see you and warmly welcome visitors. Please subscribe to our email listing for updates.

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Belief in the Bible

Sound Church and Ministries welcomes all individuals seeking God’s love, and keep our doors open to every soul seeking to welcome Jesus into their hearts. We invite you to open your heart and allow His grace to penetrate into your soul.

Our church stands as a beacon for the blended families. Those who are married (male and female) with children that are not biologically their spouses or even those single individuals as well. Our job as a church is to open a conversation for those families who may have questions for their roles in their families. We are a blended family based church who recognizes that love can conquer differences. We are a place of acceptance, peace and joy to all who are moved to join us. Our church family is richly diverse, with people of different ages and backgrounds coming together to worship and serve together. Get in touch to find out more or join us for a service.

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